Delete Shared with Me File…

Not sure how to delete a file from the Google Drive “Shared with Me” section? Don’t fret just follow the below steps to remove the file from the shared with me section of Google Drive.

Do note the files will still be accessible by the collaborators.


Back to the Basics Using Google Forms Sections

Sections is a Google Forms basic tool which I like using. I view a section as individual pages in a book. It allows the respondent to focus on answering a question with minimal distractions. Don’t be fooled by the simplicity of a section for they also contain a powerful punch. Following is a list of advance methods for applying Google Forms Sections:

  1. Self Study Quiz
  2. Choose your Own Adventure Story
  3. Collecting Specific data depending upon an answer

Five Secrets About Google Drive, “Shared With Me”

The Google Drive “Shared with Me” section purpose is often misunderstood. The shared with me section of Google Drive is where both public and files shared with you are stored. Do not expect to organize the shared with me section for it is NOT possible. A best practice rule I like to share is to ignore the “Shared with Me” Section of Google Drive.


  • If a friend shared the file or folder & you no longer want access just remove your name from the share settings, “Who has Access”.
    • Select a file or folder
    • Click Share icon
  • In bottom right of the “Share with others” window, click Advanced
    • Next to your name, click Delete 
    • Click Done


  • If a file or folders were added as a public link your name will not appear in the “Who has Access” Listing.


  • You may delete a file or folder from the shared with me section. It will not remove the file or folder for anyone else.


  • A Shared with Me File or Folder may be added to the “My Drive” section of Google Drive for organizational purposes.
    • Open
    • On the left, click Shared with me.
    • Select the files or folders for adding to your drive.
    • In the top right, click Add to My Drive.
    • Click Organize.
    • Choose the folder to add the file to.
    • Click Move or Move here


  • You can view who owns the file by using the “View Details” Panel.
    • On your computer, go to
    • On the left click My Drive.
    • Click File or Folder to highlight
    • In the upper right of Drive, click Info  (I)
    • Click Detail to discover info about the owner & location of the file or folder
    • Click Activity to view who made changes to the file or folder

Creating a Scrapbook

Photo created by Wendy Wei – No Attribute Required

A recent Colorado vacation visit with an alumni friend provided hours of enjoyment as we thumbed through old photos in a scrapbook. We focused upon conversations from High School days and special events which supported the building of a friendly community. Our conversations peddled backward to a junior high independent study program along with the positive and negative effects it had on learning. The point here is we were having fun recalling information about days gone by due to a simple technology for capturing images.

Now bring us back to the present and a Twitter Post I saw by a teacher who was sharing a group activity presentation created by her students. I then realized how capturing these moments with the newest virtually reality tools may reinforce the embedding of learning activities into our memories. Students may create a classroom scrapbook of learning events using Google’s Tour Creator VR. Google Tour Creator provides some basic template tours covering multiple content areas or let your students use their imagination and create a tour from scratch.

The following list is of a couple of easy to use Google tools to get started with unlocking students creative juices using AR and VR.

Another Bot Support…

Robot supports are becoming quite popular these days. I find robotic house cleaning supports help to maintain independence due to my spine issues. Last year I started using a robotic vacuum to clean the floors in my home. Note the old fashion vacuum still needs to be used once in a while to deep clean the carpets. I’m thankful for the robotic vacuum for it helps me maintain my pain levels, and assists with providing me independence for doing daily chores.

Recently I discovered another household bot to use. I found a robot to clean both my homes outside and inside windows. Due to spine issues, my balance isn’t always perfect. The window cleaning robot allows me to clean outside windows without using a ladder. Bonus the bot may be used to clean walls and tiled areas. I love using technology due to the positive supports it may provide.