Immigrants can be innovative too!

The world is going through an evolution where technology seems to be changing all one does. I’d like to refer to this as the “Digital Evolution”. This new way of living has separated the old and the young into two groups. The “Digital Native” was born holding a touch screen from day one with the the older population falling into the category of the “Immigrant”. The immigrant is the person who is learning how to navigate through this new strange digitally enhanced world.

Funny thing about this evolution many feel the natives are naturally savvy and know how to use what the immigrants refer to as technology. This doesn’t necessarily mean one has the ability to integrate technological¬† tools in an effective manner positively supporting daily life. It takes the creative innovative thinker along with having the technology skills to benefit everyone. One doesn’t have to be born a digital native to learn the language and culture to succeed with making a positive change to support both the educators and students of the world.

All one needs is the will to accept change and an open mind to embrace new ways of doing what they’ve always done. After living in this world for over a half of century I have witness change can be good and sometimes can even make what we do easier. In the end it takes the commitment of both the young and old communicating along with collaborating together to create positive change. Success lies within a community which depends on both the native and the immigrant working in unison with one another. As an immigrant I look forward to learning from the native as we forge together learning how to integrate educational technology.

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