A Virtual Notebook…

Thanks to Google Docs I can create a virtual notebook to share with students and colleagues. I am a K-12 Teaching Assistant in a public school setting where I support students by providing supplemental notes.  Next year I plan on introducing a virtual notebook or binder with an active table of contents on the first page. This book will include web links to content specific sites, games and videos for supporting the academics learned in the classroom. It is my hope to provide study materials via this notebook which  will engage the students with their studies.

Screen Shot 2015-05-24 at 7.49.52 AM


NEW Google Collection

On Monday Google rolled out Google Collection a new feature to the Google + Community.  Google collection bears a familiar resemblance to Pinterest. Immediately I saw how this new Google feature could be integrated as a support for educators. Google Collection can be used to organize educational website links, tutorials, worksheets, videos, posters, templates and etc… by content categories. You can color code and add a picture to the categories to help with organizing the content. What I like most about the New Google Feature is if you use a Google for Education account logon the teacher can set their collection to be viewed only by their school domain. Check out Google Plus Collections to learn more!

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