Today I’m Taking the #Shakeuplearning challenge!

I have tried many times to commit myself to blogging and sharing my Ed Tech ideas. Today I’m jumping upon Kasey’s challenge and creating a blog post! Can’t believe more than a decade has passed since being bitten by the Education Technology bug! Today I not only posted in this blog but also on my Google + profile for the school where I’m employed. I’m challenging students and teachers to create a collaborative summer writing. You can see it here: MS. Drasby’s Collaborative Summer Writing Please feel free to share your creativity and add to the story. It seemed like a fun way to keep the brain active over the lazy hazy days of summer!

Thank you to the #shakeuplearning Challenge for motivating the procrastinator laying inside of me. I’m honored today to place this badge on my post. Thank you Kasey for teaching me that “Every Voice Matters!” I appreciate all comments made to my posts for this is how I’ll learn and grow!


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