Creating Games Using Google Drawing

Google APPS for Education (GAFE) offers several APPS which can be used to create interactive activities.  One of the APPS I like is Google Drawing.  It is easy to create and once you have a finished activity the pieces can be moved! This is a valuable Ed Tech tool for the teacher and student alike.

  • Teacher creates interactive lesson plans
  • Students interact with lesson plan
  • Student creates an interactive activity
  • Student works in pairs using the activity

This is the steps I use to create a Game using Google Drawing:

  • Open Google Drawing in My Drive

Open Google Drawing

  • Give the drawing a name
  • Select a page size

Select Page Size

  • Create the background
  • Make the game pieces

Creating Game Pieces

  • Click Link Sharing for On-Public on the Web and Check Can Edit

Screen Shot 2015-07-12 at 6.21.51 PM

  • Have fun playing the game!

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE GAME You will need a GOOGLE Account to Download.

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