Thank You for the Power of a Single Tweet!

Today I’m living a dream started many moons ago! I might be “Over the Hill” but not challenged when it comes to using technology in a beneficial manner. It took approximately eight years to regain my confidence about the Positive Power of Ed Tech.  Deep down I always felt Ed Tech had the ability to level the playing field for all the different learning styles. When Ed Tech is integrated in an innovative manner it can create extra time in a teacher’s schedule for focusing more on a student’s individual needs. Truthfully I know the integration of Ed Tech has the potential of creating a positive impact for all the different stakeholders who makeup a learning community.

Thank You Alice Keeler for awakening the dormant innovator from within!

It is hard to believe it all started with Kellie Konrad’s, “THE POWER of a SINGLE TWEET” and it continues with this guest post on Alice Keeler’s blog about “CREATING MATH MANIPULATIVES USING GAFE”.

Thank you to everyone for the inspiration!!!

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