Google Slide as an Alternative for a Teachers Website…

Above is a “No Thrills” quick sample which I literally slapped together. It seems building a classroom website has become a popular way with teachers to integrate technology. Why not make the home school connection by using a Google Slide Presentation published to the web?

What are the benefits?

  1. Easy to use
  2. Embeds into an already established website
  3. Share as a public link & it is viewed by the world
  4. Automatically updates when you make a change
  5. Ability to move slides around
    1. Important announcements can be moved to the front
  6. Can be creative or just “Plain Jane” with the look of the presentation
  7. Can link out to Google Forms to collect information
    1. Example: Who can help with book fair
  8. Spreadsheets can be linked for signup sheets
    1. Example: Parent/Teacher Conference Day Sign up
  9. Easier to maintain than a website
  10. Can be a timesaver

I can easily go on and on with this list!

What ideas can you come up with? Please share in the comment area…

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