Creating Sound for the “an” Family Interactive Activity

I decided to break down the “How to” tutorial for the Elementary “an” Family Interactive Activity into several post. The reason for this is whenever possible I like creating my own video, audio and clip art. Today I’m going to focus the post on how to create the YouTube file that I embed into the Google Slide. Whenever possible I like to provide audio whether it comes from a video, audio file or a text to speech reader. This supports the low reader with  independently accomplishing the activity.

I’m an advocate for the integration of technology because of its ability to differentiate activities supporting successful outcomes for all students. I’m a firm believer in building a child’s esteem. The more confidence a child feels about their abilities the more they’ll attempt to explore new concepts.

Generally to create a video one’s first instincts would be to open iMovie, Windows Movie Maker, Wondershare Movie Creator, Camtasia Studio and etc… Not me! What if I told you there is an easier way to create movies? When generating simple movies like the one used in the Family Interactive Activity I like using Microsoft PowerPoint. Yes! You heard me right! Microsoft PowerPoint provides the ability to save as an MP4.

This is the video I created for the “an” Family Interactive Activity using Microsoft PowerPoint.

You may have noticed I used a computer generated voice to say and spell the word. I found a text to speech website which allows one to save an mp3 file. When compared with other sites I like how this webste enunciates the words. This is the website link:

The following procedures is for how I create the audio file for the interactive activity.

text here

  • Click on the word listen. This will generate the audio file.


  • Now click download and save the mp3 file on the desktop to easily access the file for inserting into the PowerPoint slide.

Download mp3

  • Now open Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Insert a Picture
  • Now insert the audio
  • Move clip art to front
  • Give the file a name and save as video


  • Upload to YouTube

youtube 1


  1. Make sure you sign into YouTube Account
  2. It isn’t possible to insert an audio file into a Google Slide
    1. I use a mini video file for providing sound


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