Using Labels: One Gmail Timesaving Features

Can you believe I’m one of those disorganized type of people? However Google APPS for Education (GAfE) is transforming my life and due to filter features I’m maximizing upon the time spent with organizing my inbox. Imagine once you read your E-mail it automatically files itself into folders for easy retrieval at a later date. I think this is a very cool feature which many of us tend to overlook. Over the years I’ve dreaded opening my Gmail In-box due to all the clutter. Now look how clean and organized it appears.



filtering Gmail

  1. Open E-mail
  2. Click down arrow for drop down menu
  3. Scroll down click filter
  4. Select the type of filter search & then click create filter with search
  5. Choose how you would like the E-mail filtered.
    1. The above screencast shows how to create a NEW Label (Folder)
    2. Choose New label from dropdown menu
    3. Give the label a name
    4. Choose where the label should be nested
    5. Click create (if there are other E-mail from that contact a sentence will appear at the bottom of the window asking if you want to include those E-mails. Click to approve.
    6. Find the label in the list and right click for dropdown menu
      1. Click a standard label color or customize

The filter feature is just one of a handful of timesaving tips for G-mail.

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