Google My Maps Creating a Polygon Shape for Comparing State Boundaries

Today I’m sharing the directions for making the polygon shape used in the Where in the World Google My Maps Interactive Social Studies Activity Post” . The polygon shapes can be used for many different activities created with Google My Maps. A few uses for this tool is mentioned towards the bottom of this post.

In Google My Drive Click on New Followed by Clicking on My Map

Polygon 1

 Start by Clicking the Satellite Base Map

Polygon 2

Click the Line Tool

Click line tool

 Slowly Click Around the Border of the State

Google My Maps Polygon Shape

  1. Click the line tool
  2. Slowly click around the border of the state
  3. To Finish the Polygon shape click the first circle
  4. Type the state
  5. Can type info ~ historical, geographic, or fiction (from a story)

How Can the Polygon Tool be Used?

Polygon compare

  1. Compare the size of states
  2. Compare the size of countries
  3. Use to support historical discussions
  4. Can use to create math problems
  5. Create a visual journey taken by characters in a book
    1. Students can use for creating travel log projects
      1. based on history
      2. based on an ELA Reading

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