A Blending of Old Fashioned Discovery Enhanced by the Digital World…

There is a lot to be said about good old fashioned play and enjoying what “Mother Nature” has provided. I’ve climb over the hill and remember the first time I saw a television pulled into the classroom. Wow! We were all enthralled by the news being presented through this magical medium. The students were actually too young to understand the historical impact of the news broadcast. However we were able to walk away sharing little bits and pieces of information  presented by the televised broadcast. Technology can be beneficial for education purposes when it provides the evidence to support investigative inquiry.

During a recent family seashore holiday  I rediscovered the words “Natural Exploration” and how it can motivate the critical thinking process. Who would have thought a morning stroll along the shore would open the doors to discovery and learning? The first step to the learning process was inspired by a child’s seashore creation. While walking along the beach I discovered these piles of stone.

Zen Towers

What enhanced this experience was when the young creative appeared and shared the history of the three stone towers. I’m guessing the child to be around the age of nine. Through our discussion I discovered her parents sent the young person over to share about their creation. The conversation opened with, “You’re taking photos of my stone towers.”

This was followed by a history of how her family collaborated collecting stones of various shape and size. The child explained how the base needed to be a heavy rounded stone that her dad had to carry.  She shared information about the weight and size along with purpose of each stone. This was followed by the process of how they worked together building the tower from bottom up with the smallest stone place on top. I was amazed by this child’s explanation and told her do you know there is a name for these stone towers? In amazement she said really? My response was a Cairn and with my smartphone in hand we did a Google search for “Define Cairn”   The child became excited about what she learned and couldn’t wait to go back and share this information with her parents. This was one of those moments where the blending of natural discovery along with the modern digital world enhanced the learning experience for both the young and old alike.

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