Customize Google Forms Classroom Sign Out Sheet Header…

It seems like most people use a default or stock theme when creating a Google Form. Personally whenever possible I like to customize themes to make the form more personal or fitting to the content area. I get the impression the Google Forms customization tools is a hidden feature often over looked. This is how to change the header and Font for the Title in a Google Form. Elementary and Middle School Teachers who decorate their rooms seasonally and according to content would most appreciate this function.

Change the header

  1. Click on edit form
  2. Click change themes
  3. Go to header section
    1. Click Change header image
    2. Choose from a variety of themed images or upload your own
  4. Change font click on title section
    1. Pick out a font style
    2. Choose font size
    3. Select a color
    4. Choose left, center or right position



Click on FILE followed by Clicking Make a COPY

Why Use a Google Form for a Sign Out Sheet?

  1. Provides quick access to the information
  2. Prevents student from editing the sign out or sign in time (automatically timestamped)
    1. Thanks to the Automatic Time Stamp Teacher isn’t constantly interrupted with telling student the time
  3. Information can be automatically shared with the Office to help with locating a student
  4. Saves a Tree along with money
  5. Expediates the sign out process
  6. Creates a log of how much classroom a student is missing

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