Brilliant Idea for Sharing Worksheet

If you are sharing worksheets on a classroom website scrolling through hundreds of links can become overwhelming for the visitor. Why not take advantage of using Google Drive to share the worksheets? This will allow the teacher to share a whole folder for the month rather than separate links to each individual document. The visitors can view all Microsoft Word, PDF, Google Documents along with other file formats without installing extra programs on their computer.


Screen Shot 2015-09-30 at 5.51.00 PM


  1. Create a folder (Do Not Share)
  2. Create a SHARED Sub Folder (Share with public)
  3. Add Documents (worksheets) to SHARED FOLDER
  4. Copy Link to use with website


  1. All Documents are in one place
    • Parents can view a visual of each worksheet or packet
      • NO Need to open document file in separate program
  2. Faster load time for the website page
  3. Website page doesn’t look overwhelming
  4. All the worksheets for the year can be unshared at one time
    • Saves time compared to deleting each one singularly
    • Worksheets will update automatically when changes are made

Old SmartPhones Used as Student Classroom Support

Recently I upgraded my old iPhone 4 to a Samsung Galaxy 5 Smartphone. Instead of trading in the iPhone I decided to keep it as a digital tool to use with my students. The first time I placed the iPhone on a students desk it worked like a charm with redirecting the student to finding their place with copying notes from the SmartBoard.

This how it is done:

    • Photograph the Interactive WhiteBoard Screen onto a Google Slide
    • Type directions onto a Google Slide for student to follow
    • Create a slide with visual modifications
    • Place the iPhone in a corner of the students desk
    • iPhone screen first displays the full Interactive White Board Screen
    • Screen Shot 2015-09-26 at 4.28.06 PM
    • Isolate by pinching and expanding area the student has to copy
    • Screen Shot 2015-09-26 at 4.28.20 PM
    • Student naturally takes over and moves the screen into position for the next bubble per the teachers direction
  3. Walk Away and let student continue independently 

I find Google Slides to be one of the best GAfE Tools for delivering individualized instruction.

Here are the reasons why:

  1. Visual supports can be easily included
  2. Extra directions can be written into the note area under slides
    • Web links can be provided in note area
      1. Providing students with extra support for comprehension
  3. Directions can be isolated in one of two ways depending upon the activity
    • Each slide can present individualized directions
    • Student or Teaching Assistant can pinch and isolate specific areas on the slide


My role as a K-12 Teaching Assistant is mainly focused on supporting students with exceptionalities. Generally most classrooms tend to focus on the average student’s needs. Thanks to Google APPS for Education (GAfE) and technology it is a little easier for both the Teaching Assistant and Teacher to support the needs of all Four Different Learning Styles. On this page I’m going to share some of my ideas for supporting the student of exceptionalities with becoming academically independent by using both GAfE and various digital devices.



Science Lab Support Created Using Google Slides

(Isolates directions for completing a Science Lab Writeup Independently) 


Support Writing with a Differentiated Interactive Graphic Organizer

(This Graphic Organizer allows the student to link out to a help hotline)


Old Smartphone Used as Student Classroom Support

Science Lab Support Using Google Slides

One day last week as I walked into study-hall a student shouted out, “Ms. Drasby You’re Awesome!” This was because the student successfully finished writing a science lab and didn’t have to do it for homework. Thanks to technology I was able to immediately share the information for the lab writeup completion with one of my teacher co-partners. The teacher used the question list I typed with onto a shared Google Doc. One of the advantages I like about Google APPS for Education platform (GAfE) its ability to share both synchronous and asynchronous information. This makes it possible to deliver pertinent details to support my students understanding and completion of assignments within a reasonable amount of time.

The other support provided to my students was the breaking down of directions and sharing the steps via a tablet on their desk.  This was done by using The Google Docs Presentation APP found in Google Drive. This provided the ability for the student to work independently as she wrote her science lab up on a blank looseleaf paper. The student was able to advance through the presentation one step at a time. This made it easier for the student to complete the tasks for the lab write up without an adult hovering over her.


  • The Google Doc Question List

         Shared the document after typing helped the students finish writing the conclusion before the school day ended.

Screen Shot 2015-09-26 at 8.49.08 PM

  • Some of the Slides from the Google Slide Presentation

This provided the direction for the student to independently write her lab.
heading hypothesisobservation food coloringobservation borax


Easier Ways to Search for Google Drive Folders and Docs

Now with K-12 Schools back in session many educators are being exposed to using Google APPS for Education (GAfE). In the circle I travel in this question arises quite often, “Is there an easy way to find and organize files in Google Drive?” The answer is Yes!  Many teachers find it time consuming to drill down through a folder structure to find the document they’re looking for! Google is a company well known for their search engine capabilities. Knowing this the quickest way to access a document or folder is by doing a Google Drive Search. In seconds the user can generally find the document they are looking for.

Search Google Drive

SEARCH TIPS for Making the Process Easier

  1. Label files and folders with exact terminology to make it easier for finding
  2. Filter your search tips to the file type, ownership and etc…
  3. If you use a doc or folder on a regular basis then add it to your starred list
  4. Color your folders
  5. Use the drop down list to the left of Google Drive to view the folder structure
    1. Screen Shot 2015-09-19 at 11.26.30 AM
  6. Use a Google Sheets to create an organized table of contents for your Google Drive
    1. Label each sheet by content area
    2. Link out to the folders & files in your list