STEP 1: Creating a Differentiated Google Forms Assessment

Okay so I couldn’t wait for the Differentiated Assessment to be finished before sharing. STEP 1 is only one tiny baby step and I promise STEP 2 will WOW you!  In STEP 1 a Google Forms is used to create the assessment. The trick used in this step is the adding of multiple Google Forms pages. This way each question appears on a page by itself. Hopefully this will lessen some anxieties towards testing.

Recently I took an on-line test and found it so much easier to focus on answering the question when presented on individual pages. When multiple questions appear on a page it can be distracting. This is because it compels the test taker  to read them instead of focusing on answering one question at a time. It is so much easier to focus on answering a question when it is isolated. Another beneficial modification in STEP 1 is the addition of visuals. The visuals tend to be in color making it much easier for the student to recognize the fine details.

Directions for Creating Individual Pages in a Google Forms 

  1. Open Google Forms
  2. In the Tool Bar Click on INSERT
  3. Scroll down to Page Break and Click

Screen Shot 2015-09-03 at 9.43.20 PM

If you are successful this is what the Google Forms Assessment will look like.

G-Form 1page per question

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