Why Use a PNG Graphic File in a #GAfE Manipulative or Interactive?

PNG in Motion

The other day in my Twitter Feed I saw an interesting question and decided to share what I know. However I wasn’t quite happy with my answer for it didn’t really explain why one should do what was suggested. This is a copy of the Tweeter conversation. Thank you to Trish McLean and Alice Keeler for letting me join their conversation!

Screen Shot 2015-09-06 at 3.08.45 PM

Here Is My Answer In More Detail as to Why Use a PNG

  1. If you create a PNG with Google Drawings you can overlay images or text and an Image to save as a PNG
    1. This allows the image to have a transparent background.
      1. A transparent background makes it possible to the other images in the background.
        1. This is important when students are expected to move and place graphic in a rubrics, calendar, graph or etc…
    2. It keeps multiple images or a text art overlay on an image from breaking apart.
    3. No worry about letters or words being deleted from Images with text.

Comparison samples of a PNG and JPEG Image File

(NOTE: Google Drawings allows the User to Download and

save both Image Files)


Screen Shot 2015-09-06 at 12.06.16 PM

Only the Yellow Circle and Red Square appeared in the work area as a solid color.  Once saved as a JPEG and then inserted back into the file the background became solid white. The circle and square are and inseparable image which can be easily moved around however it is difficulty to view the entire background image.


Screen Shot 2015-09-06 at 12.06.28 PM

In this image the yellow circle and red square are one solid piece with a transparent background. The combined shape image can move around freely without breading apart. An added benefit is there aren’t extra obstructions blocking the view of the background. This would make it easier for students to complete an assigned a task.

Here is a Screencast of Me Moving the Image Around

This can be done in Google Drawings or on a Google Presentation Slide (Edit Mode)

PNG in Motion

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