#EDTech Bloggers Sharing Inspiration…

Over 15 Years ago my yearning for learning more about Ed Tech began. It was the Ed Tech blogger who nurtured my ideas and inspired exploration into this never-ending world of continuous advancement. Thank you to the many educated ED Tech Bloggers for sharing both their knowledge and ideas. This is a list of some favorite Ed Tech Blogger to follow.

  • FREE Technology for Teachers by Richard Byrne@rmbyrne: Richard Byrne is known for sharing some of the BEST Ed Tech websites for engaging students with learning. On his site you will find some of the best FREE Tutorials teaching the educator how to use and integrate tech tools.
  • Brian Aspinall, CVDork. Teacher. Blogger. Speaker, @mraspinall: When you have a question about coding Brian Aspinall is the man to go to. I really enjoy his TEDx presentations! Mr. Aspinall shares really interesting insights about “Growth Mindset” and it’s effects on student’s academics. He is the innovator who created the EDMETTLE social and feedback management tool for supporting educational communities.
  • Education Evangelist Blog, @ICTEvangelist,  Mark Anderson shares inspirational stories for integrating ed tech. His knowledge of education and technology are a perfect blend for today’s society. I first learned about Mark Anderson during a live “Twitter APP Smashing Event”. This is when I learned he has a wealth of information to share about iPADS and APP Smashing for supporting both creativity and critical thinking. You can learn by checking out his iPad APPS Archives.
  • SHAKE UP LEARNING by Kasey Bell @ShakeUpLearning: This is the place to go when looking for Google Resources and learning more about mobile learning. Ms. Bell has a magical way of simplifying the learning experience through the cheat sheets she creates. On her site you will find some of the BEST Google Cheat Sheets for learning how to use GAfE APPS.
  • Sylvia Duckworth: @sylviaduckworth is a talented educator whom I started following more than a year ago! I’m enthralled by the beautiful “Sketchnotes” she creates. They are a perfect blend of beauty and information simplifying information for all readers to understand. Sylvia Duckworth also offers a variety of ideas for integrating technology in the education arena.
  • Lisa Highfill@lhighfill I recently started following Lisa Highfill after discovering the term, “Hyperdoc”. Lisa Highfill is one of the originators of this term.  I tend to think of hyperdocs as, “Google Docs on Steroids.” Basically a hyperdoc adds interactivity to a Google Doc. This supports students with honing their independent thinkers. Lisa Highfill offers a variety of templates and ed tech integration info on her site.

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