Easier Ways to Search for Google Drive Folders and Docs

Now with K-12 Schools back in session many educators are being exposed to using Google APPS for Education (GAfE). In the circle I travel in this question arises quite often, “Is there an easy way to find and organize files in Google Drive?” The answer is Yes!  Many teachers find it time consuming to drill down through a folder structure to find the document they’re looking for! Google is a company well known for their search engine capabilities. Knowing this the quickest way to access a document or folder is by doing a Google Drive Search. In seconds the user can generally find the document they are looking for.

Search Google Drive

SEARCH TIPS for Making the Process Easier

  1. Label files and folders with exact terminology to make it easier for finding
  2. Filter your search tips to the file type, ownership and etc…
  3. If you use a doc or folder on a regular basis then add it to your starred list
  4. Color your folders
  5. Use the drop down list to the left of Google Drive to view the folder structure
    1. Screen Shot 2015-09-19 at 11.26.30 AM
  6. Use a Google Sheets to create an organized table of contents for your Google Drive
    1. Label each sheet by content area
    2. Link out to the folders & files in your list

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