Old SmartPhones Used as Student Classroom Support

Recently I upgraded my old iPhone 4 to a Samsung Galaxy 5 Smartphone. Instead of trading in the iPhone I decided to keep it as a digital tool to use with my students. The first time I placed the iPhone on a students desk it worked like a charm with redirecting the student to finding their place with copying notes from the SmartBoard.

This how it is done:

    • Photograph the Interactive WhiteBoard Screen onto a Google Slide
    • Type directions onto a Google Slide for student to follow
    • Create a slide with visual modifications
    • Place the iPhone in a corner of the students desk
    • iPhone screen first displays the full Interactive White Board Screen
    • Screen Shot 2015-09-26 at 4.28.06 PM
    • Isolate by pinching and expanding area the student has to copy
    • Screen Shot 2015-09-26 at 4.28.20 PM
    • Student naturally takes over and moves the screen into position for the next bubble per the teachers direction
  3. Walk Away and let student continue independently 

I find Google Slides to be one of the best GAfE Tools for delivering individualized instruction.

Here are the reasons why:

  1. Visual supports can be easily included
  2. Extra directions can be written into the note area under slides
    • Web links can be provided in note area
      1. Providing students with extra support for comprehension
  3. Directions can be isolated in one of two ways depending upon the activity
    • Each slide can present individualized directions
    • Student or Teaching Assistant can pinch and isolate specific areas on the slide

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