Transform Google Notes Into Interactive

I’m a K-12 Teaching Assistant assigned to Middle School. My position pushes me into several content areas to support students. One of the expectations of my position is to supply supplemental notes for the students. I use Google Drive to share my notes via content area folders with my Special Education Teacher Partners. This delivers the notes synchronously to my partner.

This year I discovered it is easiest to use a Google Slide to share notes. I use one presentation for each new month. If my notes contain 8.5″ x 11″ worksheets then I link out to another Google slide presentation with a page setup for this dimension. My main Google Note sharing presentation uses the custom page setup of 11″ by 8.5″ This makes it possible for my Teacher Partners to print a page if needed. Sometimes the landscape style notes can be easily converted into a study interactive the teachers can use with students during resource room, study hall or etc…


Easy Manipulative

Please click here if you would like the template

 It is easy as pie to convert your notes into a manipulative by pulling the answers off to the side of the layout area.

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