Use Google Sheets Protect Range to Guide Students

I’m developing a new Google Sheets interactive lesson to use with my students. One of the potential issues I for-see  is students typing on another student’s sheet. This got my brain rolling and the solution I came up with was to use the Protect Range tool. When you protect a cell or column ranges only the user selected can edit the area. The Google Spreadsheet is shared at once to a group with each sheet having different editing rights. Individual student’s names will appear on the tab for each sheet. One sheet per student. This will help guide the students to the sheet where they have editing rights.


  • Click column letters
    • Column becomes highlighted
    • Drop down list occurs
    • Click protect range

Untitled drawing-11

  • Click set permissions

Untitled drawing-12

  • Range editing permission window opens
    • Click who can edit this range
    • Click only you to access the editing dropdown list
    • Click Done

Untitled drawing-13

  • Add E-mail Addresses

Untitled drawing-14

  • Click done and a save window opens ending the process

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