The Power of a Google Drawing

Last summer I discovered Google Drawings along with the vast uses for supporting education. Recently I’ve noticed how the Google Drawing APP is integrated into some of the other core components within a Google APPS for Education Account.

This past week I had the opportunity to explore using the Google Drawings  integrated within a Google Document. This tool unleashes the power to create original clipart, charts, graphic organizers, meme’s and etc… within a Google Document. This is done by layering both image files, shapes and a few other detailed steps to have the drawing image positioned properly in a Google Document.

Why do this?

  1. Provides visual support to help the student complete assignments.
  2. Students can express ideas in a picture along with words.
  3. Provides an interactive manipulative for problem solving built into the Google Document.
  4. Mind map support for writing.
    • Student may move Mind map throughout document.
  5. Provides an area to do computation within the document.
  6. Here are a few ideas to support creativity and critical thinking skills 
    • Student creates a Meme positioned at top of document.
      • Student then types or voice types explaining their inspiration for creating the Meme.
        • Same idea can be used with
          • Poetry layered on a graphic background.
          • An opening paragraph layered upon representative illustration.
  7. There is too Many Google Drawing Support ideas to share in one blog post  list.


It is an interactive way to support writing!



Layer Writing on Top of Graphics

  • Open a Google Doc

Open New Google Doc.gif

  • Insert an image
    • Step 1: Click Insert
    • Step 2: Click Drawing
  •  drawing 1-2.png
    • Click Insert 
    • Choose Image

Drawing 2

  • Add a Text Box
    • Click Insert
    • Choose Text Box

Drawing 3

Watch Here to LEARN More!!!




Google Supports Autonomous Student Research

When it comes to students doing research Google Docs is one of the best tools around. Google Docs has many hidden features for supporting all different learning styles. It offers voice typing for the student who has difficulty expressing themselves with pen & paper. Another feature I really like is the Research Tool! This allows the student to do research right within the document without having to open a million browser tabs or windows.

The research tool provides the student with the ability to simply drag diagrams, clipart, and links right into a document. The student can easily cite resources in several different formats: MLA, Chicago and APA.

No need to worry about image usage rights when the researcher selects, “Free to use, share or modify even commercially” in the filter image results section of the Research Tool. The Google Docs Research Tool supports research by minimizing frustration to create a report which respects the owners rights.

Google Docs Research Tool Introduction

Using Research Tool

GAfE Makes It Easy to Insert Photo Images

This week I had the opportunity to share some favorite GAfE tips and tricks  with colleagues. There is nothing better than hearing, “Wow this makes inserting photos into slides really easy to do!” This is just one of many timesaving tricks built into the Google APPS for Education Accounts.


  • Open Google Doc on a device with a camera
  • Use either a Google Doc, Slides, Sheets or Drawings
  • Click insert and scroll down to image

Insert Image

  •  Insert Image Window Opens
  • Click Take a Snapshot
  • Take a snapshot.png
  1. You must click allow
  2. Then Close to take a pictureTake a Snapshot-2
  3. Click Select
  4. Then Take a SnapshotUntitled drawing-15.png

When do I Use this Tool?

  1. During Science Labs to take photos of each step
  2. Capturing IWB (Interactive Whiteboard) Screen with directions
  3. Take photos of artifacts shared in Social Studies
  4. Picture of special events in the classroom & etc…


Duplicate Tool Speeds Up Creating with Google Forms

The duplicate tool is a handy feature offered within a Google Form. This tool duplicates the question and answer fields. It is an efficient tool because it helps speed up the process of creating assessments, surveys, exit tickets and etc…

Duplicate Tool Google Forms.gif


  • Open a Google Form in Edit Mode
  • Choose a Question Style
  • Click the Duplicate Symbol in the Upper Right Hand Corner

Untitled drawing (14)

As you can see the feature is amazingly simple to use and packs a powerful punch by speeding up the creation process.

Easy as Pie to Drop & Drag Desktop Files Into Google Drive

It is difficult at times to keep up with all the Google Drive Updates! However the payoff of discovering the updates is worth its weight in gold!!! The newest update allows the user to simple drop and drag a file from their desktop into Google Drive. Note the user must have their Google Drive opened in the Chrome Browser so the drop & drag feature can function.

Easy as Pie to Drop & Drag a file into Google Drive.gif

It’s  Easy as Pie to Drop & Drag a Desktop File into Google Drive!!!