A Hidden Time Saver

Send an Attachment

It is simple to send an E-mail file attachment from within an opened Google File. This can be looked as one of the many hidden timesaving features built into the Google APPS for Education Accounts. Teachers are always looking for ways to find more time to focus on their students. This little step can save oodles of time from closing out of the file followed by opening Gmail. Then one still would need to go through the actions of composing and attaching or inserting the file from Google drive.

  1. Click file
    1. Then click Email as an attachment
    2. Step 1-3
  2. Click Drop down arrow next to PDF
    1. This will display file types
    2. Step 2-4
    3. Choose a file type
    4. Step 3-3
  3. Time to fill in the text box fields
    1. Step 4-3
    2. Add Email address
    3. Change subject
    4. Type a message
    5. Make sure a check mark appears
      1. This sends a copy to yourself
    6. Click the blue send button

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