Using Google Slides to Support All Learning Styles

Over the summer I posted about using Google Slides for Categorizing YouTube Videos. I never thought about the “BIG” impact this simple idea can make upon the classroom. Recently I embedded a bunch of YouTube links into a Google Slides Presentation. The YouTube videos are used by a Teacher Partner for reinforcing content presented in the classroom. After sharing the slide with the teacher I was asked, “Can this presentation be shared with the students.” My response was, “Absolutely!” This is when i realized the Youtube slide deck can be a categorized study support for students.


  1. Students find video engaging
  2. Easier for some students to retain information from songs
  3. Provides visuals to help with learning content
  4. Students retain lyrics content due to the song rhythm

Ways to Share a Youtube Google Slide Deck

  1. Share a link to Google Slide Deck via Email
  2. Embed into a website
  3. Tweet the link


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