Creating a Digital Interactive Math Notebook Using Google Slides

The creation of Interactive Notebooks has become a very popular tool amongst educators. Students are sharing their ability to think independently and creatively while making study tools overflowing with academic information.

Originally the purpose of an interactive notebook was to support students with organizing and understanding the content being presented in a classroom. In a sense creating an interactive notebook is a new way of taking notes for a variety of content areas.

Being a “Tech Nerd” I took the idea of creating an Interactive Notebook to the digital level. This allowed for a group activity to create an interactive digital notebook which could be shared on a website, blog or sent via a link in an Email. Thus making the interactive notebook readily available for any student with an internet connection to practice various skills within a content area.


The above digital interactive notebook was created by using Google Slides. Google slides is a flexible digital tool for creating interactive for supporting lessons. It is also a great tool for unlocking both the critical and creative thinking skills of students in all grade levels.

6 thoughts on “Creating a Digital Interactive Math Notebook Using Google Slides

  1. Carrie Abruzzi (@CarrieAbruzzi) says:

    Do students use the digital interactive notebook and add to it for each chapter? I would be interested to learn more about this. I used interactive notebooks with glue and scissors but I would be interested in this since my students are 1:1 Chromebooks.


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