GAfE Makes It Easy to Insert Photo Images

This week I had the opportunity to share some favorite GAfE tips and tricks  with colleagues. There is nothing better than hearing, “Wow this makes inserting photos into slides really easy to do!” This is just one of many timesaving tricks built into the Google APPS for Education Accounts.


  • Open Google Doc on a device with a camera
  • Use either a Google Doc, Slides, Sheets or Drawings
  • Click insert and scroll down to image

Insert Image

  •  Insert Image Window Opens
  • Click Take a Snapshot
  • Take a snapshot.png
  1. You must click allow
  2. Then Close to take a pictureTake a Snapshot-2
  3. Click Select
  4. Then Take a SnapshotUntitled drawing-15.png

When do I Use this Tool?

  1. During Science Labs to take photos of each step
  2. Capturing IWB (Interactive Whiteboard) Screen with directions
  3. Take photos of artifacts shared in Social Studies
  4. Picture of special events in the classroom & etc…


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