2015 Ends Shedding a Light Upon 2016 #EDTech Pathway!

Twas the morning of Christmas Eve with a cup of java in my hand enjoying a breakfast conversation. My husband sat with a smile on his face as I reflected upon the last day of school before “Winter Break”.  A day filled with subliminal messages reminding me why supporting  Ed Tech Integration is important.

Yesterday started with a colleague who gifted me with a Chocolate Computer Treat! It was to thank me for helping them with implementing Ed Tech to support their classroom ventures.  This was followed by a student who was excited about the passing grade on a test they just received back! The student thanked me for sharing my Google Drive Folder of notes to support their studies. Then in the evening while relaxing after dinner I received an email thank you from another student. The message thanked me for the electronic book I shared with them. I smiled when reading, “Thanks I read some of it #LOVEIT”. Who could ask for better gifts to start off their “Winter Holiday Break”?

The treasurable moments from the “Day Before Winter Break” reminded me why it is important to continue supporting the integration of ED Tech! I’m grateful for this day and the opportunity to continue sharing technology support with both my students and colleagues. Can’t wait to see and share the collaborative Ed Tech Supports 2016 has to unfold!




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