Ten Reasons for Integrating Old Smartphones

IPhone4SiPhone4.pngCC BY-SA 3.0 Zach.vega1

Are you puzzled by this title? Thinking why would a school want old Smartphones? There are many ways a school or teacher can use these devices for supporting academics. Oddly enough one doesn’t generally see requests for old Smartphones.  Would you like to know how to integrate a Smartphone in classrooms to benefit student learning?

Ten Reasons for Integrating Old Smartphones

    1. A research tool which doesn’t take up much desktop space
      1. Use with Google Search
      2. Use the dictionary
      3. Quick Thesaurus
      4. Provides a Calculator
    2. Use Google Slides to isolate step by step directions
    3. Provide extra visuals supports for students
    4. Use as a response device to collect “Poll Like Answers”
      1. Use with Google Forms
      2. Use with Answer Garden
      3. Use with Survey Monkey
      4. Use with Polls Anywhere
    5. Use as assessment tool
      1. Use with Ed Puzzle
      2. Use with Quizlet
      3. Use with Spelling City
    6. Share differentiated articles for students
      1. Students fit into the classroom
        1. Only they know what they’re reading
          1. NewsELA
    7. Provides auditory  support for the lower reader
    8. Students can use graphic organizer APPS
      1. Such as:
        1. MIND MASH
    9. Provides Math Practice APPS
      1. Such as:
        1. Rocket Math
        2. Math Game Brain Trainer
    10. Take your students on a virtual reality tour
      1. Using Google Cardboard
        1. Supports Authentic learning experience
          1. Use Google Expeditions


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