All It Takes Is 30 Minutes…

After seeing this Tweet from Karly Moura it started me thinking about the time restraints placed upon teaching.Screen Shot 2016-01-01 at 12.13.33 PM.png

If I could whip up a creation using Google Drawing within a 30 minute time frame then why can’t students?  Nurture.jpg

Until today I never thought about Google Drawing as an assessment tool.

I have heard over the years how difficult it is to provide “FUN” learning lessons due to the demands of Common Core and etc… Perhaps an innovative creative project using Google Drawing can help remedy this and bring the “Fun” back to learning.

Google Drawing Lesson Ideas

  • Vocabulary Words
    1. Student provides a picture describe the words
    2. Vocabulary word & definition is incorporated with the image
  • Poetry
    1. Students pick out a background image
    2. Have students create a poem based upon the image
  • Create a Meme about Lesson
    1. Student will summarize the lesson
      • Picks a background image
      • Creates a witty statement
  • Math Help Cards
    1. Student types a math problem
    2. Provides images, tips or tricks to solve problem

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