Google Drawing Nurtures Imagination

As on prior New Year Days I started my day out Googling “New Year’s Day Quotes.” I was pleased stumbling upon a meaningful quote within seconds. It was a breeze to share the quote on Facebook with Friends and Family. Twitter was a challenge due to the limitation of characters. This is when I decided to use a Google Drawing to share this message.

Happy New Year Quote-2.png

Looking at the finished creation unlocked the potentials for using Google Drawing to nurture critical thinking and creativity skills. Google Drawing is simple to use and a project like this can be integrated into most content areas. The finished product can then be shared in a variety of ways providing an authentic audience of viewers.


  1. Blogs
  2. Twitter
  3. Facebook
  4. Shared Google Folder
  5. Teacher’s Website
  6. Adobe Slate (via social media, website, Email or etc…)
  7. Classroom Google Slide Project

Nurture the Imagination & Celebrate Creation!



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