Unleash the Power of Sound

I’m always looking for different ways to integrate technology for supporting both adults and students of all abilities. Recently I discovered the “Talking Web” Text to Speech Chrome Extension. This extension assists the user by using voice to read websites aloud. One feature I really like is Talking Web allows the  user to highlight website text and save a wav sound file. Immediately I saw many different ways this could be used to support students.

How Can Talking Web Help Students?

  1. Relieves stress due to low reading skills
  2. Supports auditory learners
  3. Listening to speech capability supports maintaining focus
  4. Save research info as wav file for later review
    • Sound file playback is listened to while typing research paper
  5. Wav Sound File used as “Quoted Information” for a project
    • May be embedded or linked for various presentations
  6. Save sound files as a study tool

Simple Steps for Saving Wav File

  1. Highlight text
  2. Right click
  3. Choose Talking Web
  4. Click Download Wav for the selected text
  5. A Window will open
    • Save as is where you name the file
    • Where let’s you save the Wav file to location of choice
    • Click Save when done

Save Wav .gif

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