6 Google Search Tricks for the Classroom

I don’t know any educator or person who doesn’t like to save time! These SIX Google Search Tricks are quick ways to access some valuable tools and resources for the classroom.


  • 1 – TYPE: PDF: or PPT: before search term
    • Fast way to find worksheets & presentation

PDF:ppt search

  • – TYPE: Countdown Timer
    • Opens a Countdown Time & Stopwatch
      • Type Countdown 5 Min & timer starts instantly

Count Down Timer.gif

  • 3 – TYPE: Define: followed by word
    • Dictionary entry appears
      • Synonyms & translator appear in entry
      • Entry has reading ability for word pronunciation


  • 4– TYPE: Convert Length
    • Provides a conversion Table
      • Conversion Table Includes:
        • Area
        • Data Transfer Rate
        • Digital Storage
        • Energy
        • Frequency
        • Fuel Economy
        • Mass
        • Plane Angle
        • Pressure
        • Speed
        • Temperature
        • Time
        • Volume


  • 5 – TYPE: Roll a Die
    • Provides a virtual die which rolls

Roll a Die.gif

  • 6 – TYPE: FLIP a COIN
    • Provides a virtual Coin to flip

flip a Coin.gif




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