Protecting Google Sheet Range

This week we rolled out the book sign out Google Sheet to the students. One big “Opps” I made is forgetting to protect the range in the cells which contained the functions. When the Google Sheet owner protects the range it prevents others from accidentally deleting or corrupting cell functions.

Here is an example

  • Type  Function into column E Cell 2:
    • = Sum (Col letter:Row number, Col letter)
      • into Cell
  • This will total numbers in column C

sum (1)

Example of =sum function in action



  • Right Click Cell
  • Click Protect Range

sum 2.png


sum 3.png

  • Click Restrict who can edit this
  • Choose Only You
  • Finish by Clicking Done!

sum 4

Now the Cell Is Protected and It Is Impossible for Students to Make Changes





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