GAfE Summits are Not Just about Workshops

This past week after attending my first GAfE Summit I realized the experience is not just about the workshops. It is about making the connections and having conversation with real people focused upon technology integration and the impact it has on our students.

  1. I had a conversation with a Teacher from a 1to1 device district about the compatibility of iPads and Google APPS for Education (GAfE).
  2. Another conversation was focused upon device performance and infrastructure.
    • We concluded the best of devices are limited if the infrastructure isn’t efficient.
  3. Several conversations occurred about the difference between consumers of tech and being a user.
    • Basic use of technology is consumptions.
      • Example a student playing as an individual with an APP or Website game is pure rote memorization. 
    • Technology used both collaboratively and creatively for active learning is an example of both the Student and Teacher involved in Active Learning! 
  4. Discussions about how using technology can effectively lessen the paperwork and provide more student centered time.
  5. Learned about how technology is changing the role of both teachers and students. How this “New Mindset” is difficult for some to embrace.

An extra bonus for me was meeting members of my PLN (Personal Learning Network) face to face for the very first time. Then of course the many workshop opportunities which provided me with new ideas and tools for integrating technology. Unfortunately I arrived late and didn’t really have the opportunity to spend time with the vendors. I do admit the 3D Printers caught my eyes and it was fascinating to see what could be created with this tool. GAfE Summits are a perfect opportunity to expand ones knowledge when it come to integrating tech to best support all stakeholders in a school district.

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