Duplicate & Drag So Simple!!!

I keep a Google Calendar to share information and worksheets with a Teacher Partner. Last week the students were working on the same project all week. I didn’t have to change the information shared on the Google Calendar and it only took seconds to duplicate the event. This provides a timeline of what the class was working on during that week. Below is a quick video to show you how simple this was to do.



Google Cardboard Nurtures Student Creativity

Imagine sending students on a “Once in a Lifetime” adventure , and having them journal about the experience. Did you ever think it would be possible to have students travel to faraway places once impossible to reach from within the confines of a classroom? Thanks to Google Cardboard trips to places unimaginable can happen.

Google Cardboard can provide a powerful punch for nurturing creativity within the first five minutes of use. Imagine exploring inside of an Egyptian Tomb. What would your students journal about after such an excursion? One would hope a trip of such magnitude would provide students with new and exciting ideas for sharing in a Google Slide Journal.

A Google Cardboard Lesson Idea

  • Use Google Cardboard with the Egypt Chamber APP
  • Let student travel through the Egyptian Tomb
    • Limit the time to 5 minutes for journey
  • This will be followed by a writing activity using Google Slides

Video about Egypt Chamber APP

Google Slide Egypt Journal Template

Click here to make a copy

Discover Visual Facts with Google Maps

Teachers and Students tend to do a lot of research throughout their careers. I love the tricks and tips which help to find the answers in the “Snap of a Finger.” Google Maps can help support by providing visual answers. Watch the video to see how quick I discover, “How many levels or floors there are to the Leaning Tower of Pisa.”

Here is a tip: this answer could be found just as quickly by doing an image search!  Sometimes it takes a little thinking, “Outside the Box” to lessen the time spent on research.

Easy Google Doc Collaboration Idea

It doesn’t haven’t to be difficult to integrate Google APPS for Education (GAfE) for supporting technology integration. Sometimes a simple task like creating collaborative notes with students is sufficient. This supports meeting the varied skill levels of students. One beauty of this method is the focus remains on the main objective of the lesson and not the integration of technology.

How you ask? 

When students of all different abilities collaborate together on one Google Doc this provides an opportunity for natural differentiation to occur. This supports the students with maintaining focus on the lesson being taught.

  • A student who is visual may have a hard time writing notes from an auditory lecture.
  • Another student who is auditory may be good at creating a written outline.
  • The visual student can go back into the notes after the lecture and add diagrams or other images relating to the notes.
  • Another student may not write well and add a recorded note to the document.
  • Yet another student may like watching videos to enhance the notes.
  • The student who likes playing games may find a link to share to support the learning of the content shared during class.

What does this mean?

  • Students will learn to collaborate and work as a community.
  • They will proactively take charge of  their own learning.
    • Collaborative Class Notes provide a variety of methods for studying
  • Students are provided the opportunity to become engaged learners.
  • Esteem booster for the struggling student.
  • Students learn how to work as a community.
  • Students become independent learners.

Sample of a Collaborative Notes Using Google Docs:

Untitled drawing (20)

NOTE: The Student or Collaborator will need the Talk & Comment Chrome Extension installed to view the recorder in comment. It the extension is not installed then the collaborator will see a link to click for hearing the audio content.

GAfE House

Google Drive Is the House…

When explaining Google Drive and Google APPS for Education (GAfE) components, I try to make it simple to understand. The cloud is part of everyday life but still seems to be an ambiguous concept. I explain Google Drive is a house on the internet or web where all these great productivity tools are stored. Simply put the house structure is supported by four main components: Docs, Sheets, Slides and Forms. There are many other supports which are built within the structure of the house. When used altogether this is a powerhouse of tools for nurturing creativity, collaboration, critical thinking, communication and technology skills.

GAfE House