Use Google Calendar to Share Supplemental Class Notes

As a K-12 Teaching Assistant sometimes there is a need to push into classrooms for supporting IEP Students by taking supplemental notes . Due to the nature of ones schedule it can be difficult to copy notes for one’s Teacher Partners and the Students. Thanks to Google Calendar this problem can be eliminated if everyone involved has a digital device with an internet connection.

When a Teaching Assistant or Scribe shares their classroom notes as an event attachment this instantly provides the information to the person whom the Google Calendar is shared. This provides an opportunity to share classroom information with teacher partners or students in a more timely fashion.

How to Create a Shared Calendar

  • Click My Calendars drop down arrow
  • Then Click Create Calendar

Create Calendar.jpg

  • Click Date on Calendar
    • Opens Event/Task Window
  • Add Course or Class in the What Section
  • Click Edit Event

date open event-2

  • (1) Fill in Calendar Name Field
  • (2) Add a Description
  • (3) Enter a location
  • (4) Add Email of Collaborator
  • (5) Select See All Event Details

Fill in Calendar fields blank

  • Always remember to CLICK SAVE

Click Save

Viewing Shared Calendar

Ways Shared Calendars Can Be Used

  1. Supplemental Notes
  2. Class Homework Calendar
  3. Lesson Plans
  4. Grade Level Team Calendar
  5. Sports Calendar
  6. Student Project Development Calendar
  7. Class Trips or Events Calendar

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