Google Cardboard Nurtures Student Creativity

Imagine sending students on a “Once in a Lifetime” adventure , and having them journal about the experience. Did you ever think it would be possible to have students travel to faraway places once impossible to reach from within the confines of a classroom? Thanks to Google Cardboard trips to places unimaginable can happen.

Google Cardboard can provide a powerful punch for nurturing creativity within the first five minutes of use. Imagine exploring inside of an Egyptian Tomb. What would your students journal about after such an excursion? One would hope a trip of such magnitude would provide students with new and exciting ideas for sharing in a Google Slide Journal.

A Google Cardboard Lesson Idea

  • Use Google Cardboard with the Egypt Chamber APP
  • Let student travel through the Egyptian Tomb
    • Limit the time to 5 minutes for journey
  • This will be followed by a writing activity using Google Slides

Video about Egypt Chamber APP

Google Slide Egypt Journal Template

Click here to make a copy

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