Yes! Google Docs Comments Print

When a teacher works with a family without internet access or a digital device then one must resort to printing. If a student works on a collaborative project and doesn’t have internet at home. What do they do? Easy answer they print the document so they can see the other students comments and ideas. All you have to do is download the Google Doc as a Microsoft Word .docx or OpenDocument Format .odt  and then print. If you don’t have Microsoft Word or OpenOffice no problem! Just download the Google Doc as a Webpage .html and then print. The last way will print the comments as a footer at the bottom of the page under the text.

6 thoughts on “Yes! Google Docs Comments Print

    • Ms Drasby says:

      Thanks for recommending your extension. Sometimes I’m apprehensive of sharing third party extensions due to issues which at times cause the Chrome Browser to malfunction. I imagine it is difficult to keep extensions updated with each new Chrome update.


  1. Wayne Jackson says:

    I have a mac OS High Sierra ( fancey macbook pro). Wil Google doc work on it to dictate into Goodle doc and will I be able to print docuemnts?


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