Google Forms Response Clicker

Google Forms is one of the most versatile tools provided within Google APPS for Education. It not only provides interaction but collects information into one easy to use sheet. This makes data analysis easy and a time saving task. One creative way to use a Google Form is as a Response System Clicker. There are many benefits to using a Form in this manner.

The Google Form as a response clicker let’s the user answer questions from a variety of digital devices. Questions are provided by means of an IWB (Interactive Whiteboard). The teacher can prepare a Google Slide with questions and choices  of  Yes or No, True & False, Multiple Choice and short answer questions. Every question will have its own code which the user types into the question code area. The form will automatically collect each users name. All answers drop into one spreadsheet for the teacher to review.

Google Forms provides both engagement and timesaving features for teachers and students.

Untitled drawing-25.png

If you would like a copy of this

Google Form Please Click Here

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