It’s a Breeze to Copy Google Drive Folders

This is a question I hear quite often, “What is the easiest way to copy a Google Drive Folder?” Of course my first response is download the Google Drive APP to the local drive on the digital device.  However not everyone has the storage room to do this and many Google Drive users would rather keep the files and folders in the web version of Google Drive. Well! Yes! Of course I have an answer for an easy way to copy and move the folders in the web version of Google Drive. The answer is use a Google Spreadsheet with the Copy Folder Add-on.

Adding Copy Folder to Google Sheet

Copy Folder Add-On.gif

How to Use Copy Folder

Copy_select folder

Select a File
Select a FileSelect File 2

Folder is Copying


Google Spreadsheet Listing Is Generated

Listing of Folders

New Folder Located Next to Old Folder

Old & New folder


Google Drive & Gmail Sign-Out First Learned Rule

Signout of G-Account.gif

Today I was amazed while watching a middle school student sign-out of their Gmail account. Instead of clicking on the account sign-out the student clicked the red “X” in the upper left Corner of the Chrome Browser. This is not the safest way to sign out of an account. It could potentially leave the user’s account signed on. Which means the next student using the computer may have access to the prior person’s account.

Ironically today in the Google Drive Help Forum I assisted a high school student who was upset due to files and folder deleted from their account. It is really important to teach students from a young age how to sign-out of their Google Account before closing the Chrome or Internet Browser. Nurturing “Good Digital Citizenship” skills start with teaching students how to properly use digital devices.