Google Forms: Let Me Count the Ways…

When I mention Google Forms most people respond with, “Oh! Yeah that is great for taking surveys.” This is when I respond with, “Oh! But it can do so much more!!!”

Let Me Count the Ways…

  1. Parent Information Sheet
  2. Science Fair Judging Form
  3. Parent Volunteer Form
  4. Classroom Party Donations
  5. Group Projects Signup
  6. Student Interest Survey
    • Used for community building
      •  Apply to Foreign Language
        • Student answer questions in Spanish
  7. Progress Forms
    • Self monitoring
    • visual support due to graphs
    • Adult Feedback
  8. Directions Checklist
    • Each Step on its own page
    • Student focuses on one step at a time
  9. Self Monitoring Check list
    • Use Charts for self monitoring
    • Let’s Students see growths
  10. Classroom sign out Sheet
  11. Choose your own adventure stories
    • Use for comprehension checks
  12. Assessments for Mastery
    • Go to next question based on answer
      • Allows for review
      • Opportunity to answer question again
  13. Self correcting assessment
    • provides immediate feedback

…and so much more



Google Forms Supports Spelling Mastery

Recently I discovered the “Hoover Text” and Data Validation Features in a Google Forms. Right away I thought, “How can these features be used to support content mastery?” I came up with this Google Form idea to promote students independents as they learn to spell.

The Hoover Text feature allows one to add a clue if the students are having a hard time spelling the suggested word. In addition the “Data Validation” can help by limiting the letters for the spelling words to the exact amount of characters needed. In the below sample the spelling of cat provided an opportunity to use the text validation tool. Instead of limiting the characters I set the form for preventing a common spelling mistake from occuring. When Google Forms is used in a manner like this it provides opportunities for 100% Mastery.

I believe when a child works independently discovering their errors, and fixing them it supports the student with internalizing what they are learning. This is one reason why 100% Mastery is beneficial for the learning process. It also supports the benefits a student gains from the “Power of Positive Reinforcement.”

Google Forms Spelling Mastery Sample

Please click here if you would like a copy of the template

Using Hoover Text

  1. Insert an image
  2. Click the More Actions Icon (3 vertical dots)
  3. Check Hoover Text
  4. Type Text

Google Forms Hoover Text.gif

Google Forms Data Validation

Data Validation provides a wide variety of uses and instructions. Due to this I’m going to refer you to the Doc’s Editor Help Center Article for instruction on how to use. Please go to the Validate Answers in your Form for further instruction.

Google Sheets to Docs: What “No” Cell Lines?

Have you ever wanted to transfer Google Sheets information to a Google Doc and maintain formatting without the cell lines appearing? It can easily be done by copying the cell information from a Sheet and pasting into a Google Doc. This will paste the information as a table.  Once the  table is pasted into a Google Docs the border can be edited to zero to eliminate all borders. This is the easiest way to transfer Google Sheets text maintaining the formatting without any lines.

Google Doc Remove Cell  Border.gif

The following Keyboard Shortcut will Transfer the Text without formatting.

NOTE: I discovered this Keyboard Shortcut works best when using the Chrome Browser on a Mac or Windows laptop.

Using Google Hangouts On Air in Classroom

EngagementAre you looking for an easy way to engage students?

Search no longer and try a Google Hangouts On Air! A Google Hangout can play many different roles in a K-12 and Higher Ed Classroom. The hangout is recorded and can be reused as a classroom support or study tool shared privately by the teacher. Generally it takes minimal time to setup and run. 

During the hangout the teacher or person in control has access to a dashboard providing the ability to mute a user’s sound, audio and etc… In rare cases an educator may eject an Attendees  from a “Live Hangout” it they’re  not exemplifying “Good Digital Citizenship”. This can be avoided by reviewing the “Netiquette” Skills before using a Live Hangout with your students.

Live Google Hangout Ideas

  • Teachers can host a “Mystery Hangout”
  • Middle School & High School Students interact w/Elementary Students
    • Read to the class
    • Create a project with screen share
  • Provides the ability for an absent student to participate with their class
  • Classrooms can connect with global classrooms to collaborate on a project
  • Establish Student reading/discussion groups connecting two different districts
  • Eliminate travel for Professional Development
  • Student Study Groups
  • Invite a guest speaker

Please Click HERE to Share Your Google Live Hangout Idea

10 Awesome Reasons to Use GAfE

love gafe

“10 Reasons Why I Love GAfE”!!! 

  1. Can provide an authentic learning experience
    • Google Live Hangouts
    • Blogger Blogs
    • Classroom Websites
    • Google Groups
    • Google + Communities
    • Student Websites
  2. Teachers: Reinforces Collaboration along with saving time
    • Sharing:
      • lesson plans
      • Team Calendar
      • Data Collecting Forms
      • Sharing Folders
      • tutorials
      • templates
      • Worksheets
      • articles
      • hyperdocs
  3. Folders and Files can be accessed  24/7 across multiple devices
    • Anywhere
    • Anytime
  4. Easy to organize and schedule activities
    • Shared Calendars
    • Shared folders
    • Shared documents
  5. Receive reminders and notifications
    • Never miss an event or appointment
      • receive pop-up or email notifications
    • Know when a document or folder is edited
      • Use add-ons for notification
      • Check Revision history
      • Check Google Drive Detail for activity
  6. Share information easily with students
    • Use a shared folder
    • Share a Calendar
    • Via Google Sites or Blogger Blog
    • A Teacher’s Youtube Channel
  7. Keep parents informed
    • Via a Google Classroom Site
    • Shared Google Calendar
    • Blogger Classroom Blog
  8. Easy to schedule appointments
    • Use Google Calendar Appointment Slot
    • Share a Spreadsheet
    • Collect Appointment Info via a Google Form
  9. Provide extra student support
    • Live real-time virtual tutor via Google Live Hangout
    • YouTube instructional videos
      • reinforces content learned
    • Worksheets and activities available via teacher website or blog
    • Provide feedback via a shared Google doc
      • students can access 24/7
  10. Supports creativity and nurtures innovation
    • Google Drawings
    • Google Slides
    • Google Doc
    • Google Sites
    • Blogger Blog
    • Google My Maps
    • Google Live Hangouts
    • Youtube Creator

This List Consists of A Small Handful of Reasons Why I Love Using GAfE

Google APPS for Education (GAfE) provides all the above mentioned tools for FREE!!! 

GAfE is both cost effective and low maintenance for school districts to use.

It is amazing these digital tools for preparing students are right under ones fingers at

NO Cost to Tax-Payers or School Districts

Isn’t it Advantageous to Prepare Students for the Mysteries their Future’s may hold???

Keep in Mind Digital Devices are Globally Used and not Going Away!

Please use the comment area to discuss. Thank you!

Google Live Hangout ~Wow!!!

G-Hangout w_Marine Biologist.png

Recently I had the opportunity to arrange a Google Live Hangout between students and a marine biologist. What an amazing experience especially hosting this during the last few weeks of school. This is a time of the year where a combination of factors distract students from maintaining their focus. It was amazing when the virtual guest appeared on the screen how quiet the classroom became. The students were focused on asking the questions they crafted and hearing what the marine biologist had to say. This session was wrapped up with a Google Form Exit Ticket where the students agreed the  Google Live Hangout was an AWESOME EXPERIENCE!!!

This is One Small Way to Use a Google Live Hangout 

I’m always open to hearing new ideas

Please share yours in the comment area images