10 Awesome Reasons to Use GAfE

love gafe

“10 Reasons Why I Love GAfE”!!! 

  1. Can provide an authentic learning experience
    • Google Live Hangouts
    • Blogger Blogs
    • Classroom Websites
    • Google Groups
    • Google + Communities
    • Student Websites
  2. Teachers: Reinforces Collaboration along with saving time
    • Sharing:
      • lesson plans
      • Team Calendar
      • Data Collecting Forms
      • Sharing Folders
      • tutorials
      • templates
      • Worksheets
      • articles
      • hyperdocs
  3. Folders and Files can be accessed  24/7 across multiple devices
    • Anywhere
    • Anytime
  4. Easy to organize and schedule activities
    • Shared Calendars
    • Shared folders
    • Shared documents
  5. Receive reminders and notifications
    • Never miss an event or appointment
      • receive pop-up or email notifications
    • Know when a document or folder is edited
      • Use add-ons for notification
      • Check Revision history
      • Check Google Drive Detail for activity
  6. Share information easily with students
    • Use a shared folder
    • Share a Calendar
    • Via Google Sites or Blogger Blog
    • A Teacher’s Youtube Channel
  7. Keep parents informed
    • Via a Google Classroom Site
    • Shared Google Calendar
    • Blogger Classroom Blog
  8. Easy to schedule appointments
    • Use Google Calendar Appointment Slot
    • Share a Spreadsheet
    • Collect Appointment Info via a Google Form
  9. Provide extra student support
    • Live real-time virtual tutor via Google Live Hangout
    • YouTube instructional videos
      • reinforces content learned
    • Worksheets and activities available via teacher website or blog
    • Provide feedback via a shared Google doc
      • students can access 24/7
  10. Supports creativity and nurtures innovation
    • Google Drawings
    • Google Slides
    • Google Doc
    • Google Sites
    • Blogger Blog
    • Google My Maps
    • Google Live Hangouts
    • Youtube Creator

This List Consists of A Small Handful of Reasons Why I Love Using GAfE

Google APPS for Education (GAfE) provides all the above mentioned tools for FREE!!! 

GAfE is both cost effective and low maintenance for school districts to use.

It is amazing these digital tools for preparing students are right under ones fingers at

NO Cost to Tax-Payers or School Districts

Isn’t it Advantageous to Prepare Students for the Mysteries their Future’s may hold???

Keep in Mind Digital Devices are Globally Used and not Going Away!

Please use the comment area to discuss. Thank you!

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