Google Forms: Let Me Count the Ways…

When I mention Google Forms most people respond with, “Oh! Yeah that is great for taking surveys.” This is when I respond with, “Oh! But it can do so much more!!!”

Let Me Count the Ways…

  1. Parent Information Sheet
  2. Science Fair Judging Form
  3. Parent Volunteer Form
  4. Classroom Party Donations
  5. Group Projects Signup
  6. Student Interest Survey
    • Used for community building
      •  Apply to Foreign Language
        • Student answer questions in Spanish
  7. Progress Forms
    • Self monitoring
    • visual support due to graphs
    • Adult Feedback
  8. Directions Checklist
    • Each Step on its own page
    • Student focuses on one step at a time
  9. Self Monitoring Check list
    • Use Charts for self monitoring
    • Let’s Students see growths
  10. Classroom sign out Sheet
  11. Choose your own adventure stories
    • Use for comprehension checks
  12. Assessments for Mastery
    • Go to next question based on answer
      • Allows for review
      • Opportunity to answer question again
  13. Self correcting assessment
    • provides immediate feedback

…and so much more


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