GAfE Differentiates Naturally

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Can you believe I first discovered the “Magical Powers” a computer embraces for students of exceptionalities during those dinosaur times of a Windows 95 Desktop?  Back in the day I pushed the limits of these machines to talk, record and support my students by delivering visual and auditory aides to support their academic success. It takes creativity to use technology supports beyond the basics. These days digital devices and programs are far more advanced and easier to use. Due to my own physical exceptionalities I have learned the value of the accessibility features Google APPS for Education (GAfE) provides.

My “Exceptionalities” have taught me how valuable integrating GAfE and technology can be for supporting everyday needs. It may come as a surprise to some of you but I walk in “Half Time” (speed of my gait) using a cane. This can be challenging at times due to one hand always busy grasping my “Magical Balancing Wand”. Imagine being in a position where the expectation may be to carry binders for note taking.

  1. How many binders do you think  can be carried?
  2. Have you ever tried to stand and write in a binder?
  3. How about taking binders and books out of a book bag?
    • Stumbling for a place to set the cane.
  4. Imagine the challenges of a Student with Large & Small Motor issues.

This is not a problem thanks to hybrid tablets and GAfE. I can walk into a classroom ready to take photos of homework and project directions. Photos can easily be taken via Google Slides by using the insert image tool. Google Slides provides the option of inserting additional slides for typing notes and etc… Thanks to the sharing capabilities the notes are immediately delivered to teacher partners or students. This saves the time of having to walk and deliver hardcopies. Now can you understand the words, “Differentiates Naturally?” 

Thank you Google for supplying me and my students with many different tools to support our everyday needs.

Can you Imagine what GAfE can do for Students?

Please click here to see a list of GAfE and

Google Built in Accessibility Supports.

NOTE: There are many more ways GAfE can be integrated to support students of all different learning style and exceptionalities then mentioned in this short blurb.

Please feel free to share your ideas in the comment section of this post.

I always look forward to learning something new.

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