Receive Daily Spreadsheet Edit Agenda

Teachers you can receive a daily notifications agenda when students make changes to a collaborative Google spreadsheet. What is the value? If students are working as small groups on projects you can see who contributed information.  The email provides a list of the Student and the time the edits occurred in a daily agenda notification. All the teacher has to do is go into the spreadsheet then look at the Revision History to see exactly what the students typed. It gives a whole new perspective on assessing student’s work.

Spreadsheet Notifications.gif

Setup Google Spreadsheet Notifications

  • Choose Tools in the spreadsheet toolbar
  • Scroll down to Notifications Rules and click
  • Pop-up window opens for set notification rules
  • Click the blue edit in the upper right
  • Choose between:
    • Any changes are made
    • A user submits a form
  • Next you choose between a daily email or multiple emails
    • Email daily digest (one email daily)
    • Email right away  (every time a student logins to make a change)
      • Gmail maybe flooded with email

NOTE: Timesaver for teacher prevents the need to sift through tons of email!

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