Google Forms Force A Copy

Yesterday I received the following tweet from Laurie Anastasioelementary teacher in California. This started me thinking about the use of forcing a Google Forms Copy.

Screen Shot 2016-07-14 at 5.59.20 PM

When facilitating a PD workshop or classroom of students who are beginning to explore and learn about creating Google Forms forcing a copy might be the easiest way to share a template. When a user who is signed onto the Google Account clicks on the shared link a window pops open like this one:

Screen Shot 2016-07-15 at 7.35.12 AM.png

The user clicks on the Blue Make a Copy Button and this copies the Form to their Google Drive. Once the Google Form is house in the Google Drive the student can start editing the form which is automatically set to private share (No Collaborators) due to copying the file.

Steps to Create a Google Forms Forced Copy Link

  • Open a Google Forms
  • Click the More Icon
  • Scroll down and click Add Collaborators

Forms More Icon

  • A new window pops open
  • Under “Who has access” click blue change to the right of Private

Share Window.jpg

  • In the Link Sharing window select one:
    • Public on the web
    • Anyone with Link
  • Click the Blue Save Button

select one.jpg

  • Followed by Clicking the Blue Done Button
  • Go back to the Google Form Screen copy the URL
  • Change edit to copy
  • Copy the new URL and share

change edit to copy


10 thoughts on “Google Forms Force A Copy

  1. D'Anna O'Mera says:

    Do you have to do this with each individual form, or can you make the settings for a folder of forms?


  2. Ms Drasby says:

    Hello D’Anna,

    Unfortunately if you are going to share individual links with others for copying then it is necessary to obtain the URL’s for each Form.

    Ms. Drasby


  3. jonathanhall66 says:

    Thanks so much. This is exactly what I needed. (If only I had read your page before sending out the edit version of my school-wide form!) Your method is so simple and it works a treat. Well done and thank you.


  4. says:

    This can work, but if someone wants to they can change your shared link. If the change COPY back to EDIT, then they can alter your original form. I don’t think this should be allowed.

    I’m unable to share the settings on my form so those linking to it can only VIEW but not EDIT it. Anyone have a workaround for this?


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