Acrostic Poems & Google Docs No Way!

Yes! It is possible to create an Acrostic Poem in a Google Doc. Did I hear you say, “Oh how can this be?” “There is no vertical orientation for a text box or a vertical font?” The answer is within a Google Drawing.

Doc's insert vertical text Acrostic Poem.gif

Creating Vertical Text for Acrostic Poem

  1. Open Google Doc and give it a name
  2. Go to Insert in the Doc’s Toolbar
  3. Scroll down to Drawings & Click
  4. Create a narrow Text Box
  5. Select Font Size
  6. Align Text: Left, Center or Right
  7. Type the word
  8. Click the Blue Save & Close Button
  9. Set the Drawing Margin to “0”
  10. Choose text break
  11. Type the poem in an open area of the doc
  12. Move the horizontal text and adjust as needed
  13. Change line spacing & font size of poem if necessary

NOTE: Students can insert images, change font color and type styles to personalize their poem.

Boom! Now you Created an Acrostic Poem!

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