STEP 1: Creating Math Animated Image

During the summer I discovered an “Older” screencast program called LICEcap. It is compatible with both Windows and Mac Laptops. The program creates simple animated images. This program is very limited with its options but works well for creating quick demos without sound.

I like the simplicity and found by smashing this program with Google Slides amazing action can happen when creating animated gifs. This is the program I used to create the animated math equation in the Google Forms Math Support.

How to use LICEcap

  • First download from CNET:LICEcap
  • Followed by installing
  • I keep LICEcap in my task bar or toolbar for easy access
  • Click LICEcap
  •              Screen Shot 2016-08-28 at 4.03.33 PM
  • Position it on the screen
  • Name the File
  • Add a location to save the file
  • Click Record
  • Click Stop or the x when recording is completed

Now I bet you are wondering what to do next? Next you would go to a Whiteboard Online website such as Ziteboard or Web Whiteboard to use for writing the Math Equation. Open the whiteboard site followed by opening and positioning the LICEcap program to record. It’s really that SIMPLE.

Blog LICEcap.gif

Look Out for STEP 2a: Creating the Google Form


  1. STEP 2a: Creating the Google Form
  2. Google Form Math Support Explained



Google Form Math Support Explained

Oh how I love the “Newest” Google Form upgrade! The idea of inserting images in a Google Form question or answer triggered the inspiration for this idea. It dawned on me there are two types of images: Static or Animated. The animated image seems to fit in well with everything  I read about supporting a students critical thinking skills. This made me think what would happen if an”Animated Image” was provided demonstrating solving a problem and the student was asked to explain what they see?

The Google Math Form Idea

Click Here to Make a Copy 

In creating this Google Form Math support I used the “New Image Question” feature in conjunction with the “Go to next Question based on Answer”. This provided the opportunity for the student to first explain how the problem is solved. Next the Student practiced the equation solving steps. When the Student Solves the Problem Correctly they End the Form a Kudos Message, and then submits their answer. If the answer isn’t correct the student is sent to a review page where they click a link to a Review Google Slide. The Slide is copied to the students Google Drive.

The Review Google Slide Deck Presents the Student the opportunity to view the animated problem solving steps. A space is supplied where they can type or use a voice recording to explain the problem solving steps. This is followed by a second slide which provides the problem to solve along with a place value mat as extra support. Student may use a calculator to assist with the multiplication facts.

Click Here to Make a Copy 

When the Student is done solving the problem they go back to the Google Form to submit the answer.

I recommend using the Chrome Browser with the Tab Resize Extension. This will allow the students to view the Google Form and Slide Deck side by side.

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STEP 1: Creating the Math Animated Gif


  1. Step 1: Creating the Math Animated Gif
  2. Step 2a: Creating the Google Form

New Google Form Math Idea…

This is a math support created by using Google Form and Google Slides. The object of this Google Form Support is to help the student with understanding the process for solving a specific type of math problem.

It also provides valuable assessment information beyond grading. The Google Form collects information which can lead to finding new strategies for helping the student to further understand the math process.

I believe supports such as this provide an academic environment for boosting a students esteem. Google APPS for Education provides many different ways to assess and support the mastery of academic skills.

Please Come Back Soon!

Next post will be about how to create the support.

Just Snip and Run…

When creating instructional tutorials sometimes a snippet tool comes in handy. This is a very easy task when working with my computer where the Google Drive APP is installed on my local drive. However this isn’t always the case! This is when Google Chrome extensions work their magic!!! I discovered using the Save to Google Drive Extension in conjunction with the Awesome Screenshot Extension makes it relatively easy to snip an area save it right into a Chrome Browser’s Google Drive Folder.

Directions for Snip and Run

  1. Install  Save to Google Drive  and Awesome Screenshot Extensions in the         Chrome Browser
  2. Click on Awesome Screenshot
    • Screen Shot 2016-08-21 at 1.44.39 PM.png
  3. Select a screen capture preference
    • Visible part of screen – delayed capture
    • Selected area
    • Entire Page
    • Upload image
    • Desktop
  4. Click on Capture
    • Capture
  5. Annotate Image and click Done
    • Annotate image awesome ext.gif
  6. Right Click & Select Save to Drive
    • Screen Shot 2016-08-21 at 2.00.36 PM

Ways to Use in Classroom

  1. Creating Teacher Tutorials
  2. Image for both Teacher and Student’s presentations
  3. Students created directions
  4. Student snip and annotate for projects
  5. Annotated images for worksheets

What to do? Can’t Read Google Drive Language…

The other day while supporting in the Google Drive Help Forum  I noticed users asking how to set their Google Drive Language back to English. One user in particular said, “How can I change this back if I can’t read the language?” Thanks to screencasting animation it was easy to support the user. Having one’s Google Drive in a Foreign Language may be difficult for some users. On the other hand what about the Student Learning a Foreign Language? It might be an interesting challenge for the students to take.

Official Directions to Change Google Drive Language

  1. Go to
  2. Click Settings .
  3. Select Settings.
  4. Choose one of Language
    • Language: Change your preferred language for all Google products.

Google Drive settings carry over to Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides home screens automatically.

Visual Directions to Change Google Drive Language

  1. Go to
  2. Click the Settings Gear
  3. Followed by clicking the first selection in the list
  4. A new window will pop open
  5. Click the link in the third section
  6. In the next window click the edit pencil
  7. In search type english
  8. Select English scroll down to the bottom and click the word on the left