4 Google Doc Tips to Simplify Life

Teachers and Students tend to create and curate everyday. Thank you Google for building some helpful tools into Google Docs, Slides, Forms, Sheets and Drawings. They make using Google Docs a pleasurable experience. Following is a listing of some of my favorite Google Doc Features:

  • Use Insert Equations for fractions, math symbols and etc…

math equations Google Doc.gif

  • Need a quick outline of a Google Doc
    • Click help in the Google Doc tool bar
    • Type Outline
      • Look what appears like magic

Google Doc  Outline.gif

  • Need an image?
    • Use the research tool
      • Let’s user drag image right into the doc

Google Slide Research tool images.gif

  • Need a symbol and don’t know what its called?
    • Add a Text Box
    • Click Insert Special Character
    • Draw the symbol

Google Drawing Insert Symbol.gif

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