STEP 2A: Creating the Google Form

Inserting an image in the questions and answer fields of a Google Forms is an upgrade I immediately fell in love with! Instantly I realized the value it offers for supporting a wide variety of learners.

Insert a Question or Answer Image

  • Open a Google Form
  • Click the + sign under Start a New Form


  • Give it a Title
    • Click “Untitled Form” to type a title name (Located in upper left corner)

Give it a title.png

  • Go to the first question section
    • Type a Question
    • Click the Image Icon


                    (mountain symbol) this will allow you to add an image

  • Select one of these choices for adding image:
    • Take a snap shot
    • By URL
    • Your Albums
    • Google Drive
    • Search
  • Next chose multiple choice for the answers

Google Forms Type Question Insert Image.gif

NOTE: This will allow you to go to the next section base upon the answer. My next post will explain how to do this.


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