Who Said, “One Slide Can’t Be Restored Using Revision History?”

The other day I was in the midst of creating my  Google Slide Interactive Notebook when I realized my “Goof Up!”  Quickly I clicked on the revision history and realized if I restored the one slide all the work I did after the mistake would be lost. Sitting there frustrated and puzzled I figured out a work-around which saved the day! You will be amazed to discover how easy this is to do! I see this as a lifesaver for times when students are doing group projects.

This method of restoring one slide comes in handy because it maintains the integrity of the slide deck. It allows the user to restore just one slide from the past without changing any slides in the deck created after this point. The single slide restoration can be a lifesaver when students are collaborating creating a group project using Google Slides.


Using the  Revision History

  1. Open the Google Slide
  2. Click File and Select Revision History
  3. Click “Show more detailed revisions”
  4. Select a Revision Date
  5. Right Click the Slide in the Deck
  6. Followed by Selecting Copy
  7. Click Back Arrow to leave the Revision History
  8. Click under last slide in Deck
  9. Right Click and Select Paste

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